Walk In Services 

​Out and about with your furry friend and need a speedy spruce up? The following services are provided without an appointment.
Pet-I-Cures: Nail Care
Sanitary Clip & Anal Gland Extraction
Ear Cleaning
Oral K-9 Care
We do allow limited space for grooming walk-in's as well. Availability varies on daily schedule, breed and size of pet. 


Paws N Kisses

Personalized Pet Salon

Grooming Services

We provide different levels of grooming needs for your pet. When scheduling a grooming appointment, the following services are available. When you arrive to your appointment, we can discuss in depth the options that you would like. 

  • Full bathing, utilizing the Prima Bathing System. We have a wide variety of Natural and Organic shampoo options. We provide flea & tick elimination, medicated (for animals with skin issues), hypoallergenic, whitening and conditioning treatments. We also provide anal gland extraction when necessary. 
  • Fluff dry using commercial grade drying systems that are temperature and humidity regulated.
  • De-shedding and thorough brush outs  on dogs and cats. 
  • Nail trimming and filing, pad trimming, sanitary clips, ear cleansing and hair removal on necessary breeds. 
  • Oral K-9 care is provided upon request. We ask that you provide your own toothbrush (avoids cross-contamination).
  • Hand-scissored and trimming according to breed specifications or request. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! If you are not completely satisfied with the groom, please let us know and we will provide complimentary service.